Ayyy here are 10 tunes that are guaranteed to be good no matter the current season but heavily influenced by the more than welcome arrival of proper springtime in my neck of the woods


Gingerlys – Summer Cramps

I’m trying my best to avoid listening to Turtledoves & See You Cry too much before the full album comes out next month & boy I am failing miserably. In trying to scratch the Gingerlys itch I turned to their EP Jumprope & god dang this band rule. Summer Cramps is a str8 up bop that sounds like a perfectly chilled bottle of sunshine

Reptaliens – Simulation

I’m pretty dang sure I’ve seen the name Reptaliens around a bunch before so I feel pretty dumb for not listening to them until this week. FM-2030 is a fantastic chill album that slots perfectly in with other stuff I’ve been listening to lately. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon reading in a sunbeam

Die! Die! Die! – Bottlecaps & Phones (I Can’t See You)

When I wrote about the newest album from Die! Die! Die! I kept bringing up how I bet the songs on it would absolutely rip live & am v pleased to report I was right as fuck. I saw them this past Saturday & it was a perfectly intense powderkeg of a set & all those new songs sounded ferocious live. Get yrself along to a gig if they’re in yr area

King Krule – Emergency Blimp

I haven’t had a chance to revisit The OOZ since my first listen but at this stage this is my favourite song on the album. I dig the almost Smashing Pumpkins sound of the guitars, the high tempo, & how Archy manages to sound so fucking vulnerable & shaken in his vocals

Alvvays – Not My Baby

Fishcenter rules & so do Alvvays so this video double rules. Not My Baby is one of the top 10 tied for best tracks on Antisocialites which I’m more sure with every day is my favourite one of this year

Four Tet – Daughter

I know I went to bat pretty hard for Lush last week but Daughter has overtaken it pretty hard in terms of favourites. That chopped up vocal & that Teardrop-esque drumbeat & just the whole damn thing ugh. It’s fantastic

Soccer Mommy – Last Girl

Last Girl is one of my favourite Soccer Mommy songs so I’m stoked it ended up included in their Audiotree session. The way the guitar parts in the verse alternate between restrained & explosive is tight as all heck & all the additions in this version make it sound even better

The National – I’ll Still Destroy You

Bless The National & their beautiful consistency. The chorus on this song is so sweetly devastating in the best way & all the instrumentation is so bright & moving & I can’t wait to see them in a goddamn winery in a few months

Ratboys – GM

If you haven’t heard GN yet yr fucking up get on that shit as soon as yr done here please & thank you. This video is packed to the brim with moments of pure joy & camaraderie & it’s incredible & the part with a run of different clips with cats & dogs made me grin uncontrollably. Good

Julien Baker – Turn Out the Lights

I am going to cry when this album drops no doubt good lord this song is crushing. That whole last part man. I dare you to try not feel EVERYTHING when it gets going around the 2:24 mark. Goddamn she is the best


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