Listened to the new(ish) album from TOKiMONSTA a couple weeks later than I should’ve & wrrrrrrote abouuuuut itttttt

Lune Rouge is out now & can be found on Bandcamp or streaming on Spotify, Apple Music etc etc eeeettttcccc


These opening notes are nice, so are all these strings. Very good intro vibes so far


Oh shit yeah. Had to get up from writing this to turn my sound system up, this is tight. This sounds like a late night sunset, where those last fragments of orangey pink hang around way longer than they feel like they should & everything is clear & warm & good

Thief (feat. SAINTS)

This beat is nice af & the vocals fit it pretty well but they’re not my thing at all

I Wish I Could (feat. Selah Sue)

Immediately on board with this, the vocals are nice & that piano is nice whoa then everything flips on it’s head & it becomes something entirely different but no less great. Everywhere this song has ended up going has been somewhere I am very okay with going, good shit. That stuttery synth is dooooope

We Love (feat. MNDR)

Every now & again the vocals hit a very Lorde-esque vibe & I think I dig it? This feels like a song I would probs enjoy more the more I heard it. Dig the way the beat bounces along


The whole reason I’m even writing about this album is due to this fantastic Song Exploder episode about this song. So not really a first impression, especially since I’ve heard how everything went into making this song. BUUUUUT it’s dope as hell, the way the traditional Korean instrument is incorporated is rad, the vocal parts are nice as hell & the whole rhythm of the song is super tight

NO WAY (feat. Isaiah Rashad, Joey Purp & Ambré)

That Song Exploder episode already had me keen to hear this album & then I saw the names Isaiah Rashad & Joey Purp right next to each other & knew I had to hear this thing. Dang it’s nice to hear Rashad again & he sounds right at home on this beat. Very dope Joey verse too, this is gonna end up on the songs-I-put-on-when-the-aux-cord-is-up-for-grabs list fer sure

Don’t Call Me (feat. Yuna)

This is very cool, the verse & chorus vocals are both p different but I can’t figure out which ones I like more & that’s okay. The part around 2:30 is very very nice & so is the outro

Rose’s Thorn

All the way onboard with everything this song is doing. It’s beautiful & vibey & I like it a lot immediately. It’s songs like this that I hope I’ll get to see live at Laneway. This is 100% my favourite song on here

Early to Dawn (feat. Selah Sue)

If I had my way every second song on here would have Selah Sue on vocals I think. This is another jam, the way her voice fits with the piano driven beat is stunning. Speaking of, that piano melody is amazing, dig the counterbalance to the rest of the music that it provides in terms of being pretty clean & untouched up. This is another one of my favourites right off the bat

Estrange (feat. IO Echo)

I immediately take all that back & now want equal parts IO Echo, Selah Sue & solo Tokimonsta tracks this is a fantastic song & the vocals are a huge part of why. Damn this second half of the album really closed off strong, good shit

OVERALL: I liked most songs on here but feel like that may be the only time I really sit down & listen all the way through. I’ll for sure be returning to a lot or even most of the songs on here & may chuck it on when I’m doing other things but yeah. The second half is really really good, I think I’ll end up liking the slower songs more when I get deeper into the album which is the opposite of what I was expecting. Very excited to see her at Laneway now, these songs sound tailor-made for a warm summery evening in the park


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