W h a t   u p. Here are 10 great tunes for you to listen to


Gorillaz – Humility (feat. Georger Benson) & Lake Zurich

Both of these songs are solid gold jams & have me way more excited for The Now Now than I thought I would be

Parquet Courts – Before the Water Gets Too High

Have still not stopped listening to this incredible album & have no plans on doing so any time soon

Tancred – Clipping

My favourite track from the very good new Tancred album, which I hope you’ve checked out already but if not now’s as good a time as any

Nothing – Zero Day

We’re getting a new Nothing album later in the year & that’s exciting, this tune is tight but I’m not into how it’s mixed so hopefully it’s an outlier? Idk. But check out this dope piece over at Stereogum about the band / the new album anyway

The Beths – Happy Unhappy

This band rules so much & so does this song

She’s So Rad – You and I

If you haven’t read this moving as heck piece from The Spinoff do that right now

Oneohtrix Point Never – Toys 2

I’m p late to the OPN party but this album is tight, I can’t say for sure this is my favourite tune off it but it comes from the middle stretch of the album I’m enjoying the most right now so maybe?

Pusha T – If You Know You Know

I love how replayable this album is & how great an opening track this is

Skee Mask – Session Add

S/o to the homie Matt for putting me on to this cos this song / album is rad. That change up is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


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