Laneway 2018

Yesterday was my sixth year at Laneway in a row & yet again it was a day absolutely packed with good stuff. Just like last year, I’ve put together a list of the “”””Best”””” stuff I happened to see only this time I’ve used roughly ten times more qualifiers to offset my feelings about ranking things Continue reading “Laneway 2018”


First Impression: CHARM. OFFENSIVE. by Die! Die! Die!

Listened to the new album CHARM. OFFENSIVE. by Die! Die! Die! for the first time & wrote out my thoughts while I did. Not in depth or anything just some unfiltered, unedited, stream of consciousness type writing

You can get CHARM. OFFENSIVE. on bandcamp here, it’s out on vinyl through Flying Out & streaming on Spotify etc as soon as it’s Friday the 6th of October in yr timezone Continue reading “First Impression: CHARM. OFFENSIVE. by Die! Die! Die!”

Week 17

What is up y’all. Here be the first proper, fully thought out, readable playlist of the year. I spent my New Year’s Eve Eve and New Year’s Eve at the 15 Years of A Low Hum festival at Tatum Park down in Ohau and this weeks playlist is entirely* acts that I saw over those incredible couple of days. I hadn’t ever managed to get along to any [Camp] A Low Hums in the past but damn it was everything I imagined it would be and more. Huge shoutout to Blink for putting the thing together, all the bands for putting on such fucking sick shows and pretty much everybody who was there for being a good human being

This week I’ll be putting out a couple of “Lost Posts”, as I’ve managed to track down parts IV and V of my Year In Vinyl write ups which I had definitely 100% completely totally finished last year but somehow managed to misplace on this big ol’ internet thing. It’s a big place, stay woke

As always you can listen to the playlist on Spotify over HERE

Click through for a few words about why I chose what I chose Continue reading “Week 17”