Piano Day 2017

It’s the 88th day of the year AKA Piano Day so here’s 10 piano-led tunes to help you celebrate. Playlist is up on Spotify over here

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Week 18

It’s taking a whole bunch of willpower for me to take a break from listening to I See You to bring you this playlist so I hope y’all enjoy it. It’s humid as fuck and I’m burnt out on being back at work after just one week but a bunch of dope new tunes have come out and I went to a fantastic gig last night so everything is pretty okay.

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Year in vinyl part I

This is the closest thing to an AOTY list I’ll be doing. This year I limited myself to two records a month, with a bonus when I reached three months of doing this shit. This right here is the first of five write ups I’m doing on the physical records I’ve bought this year, with the remaining four coming every other day over the next week(ish) or whenever I feel like it I’m an adult I got things to do fucking whatever. Listen along on Spootify Continue reading “Year in vinyl part I”