Week 20

Yoooo. What a week. Five sick gigs, one mild hangover, hella good sun times and one sleep til Laneway. S U M M E R.

Go throw Being. a like on Facethang, they opened at three of the gigs I went to this week and they were fantastic every time. The only reason they’re not on this playlist is cause they don’t have any songs online yet but keep an eye out for them.

Playlist is up over here and words are down there. How Get aren’t on Spotify so make sure you head to their bandcamp to give them a listen. Til next time

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Week 19

YOOOOOOOOO. All I really have to say today is we should have like at minimum 20 government sponsored doctors looking into hangovers in search of an answer to the eternal question: How do we defeat them?

ICYMI Auckland’s Hospital Sports put together a guestlist for me, check that out over here

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Guestlist: Hospital Sports

I’ve been a fan of Auckland band Hospital Sports for a few years now, their 2013 self-titled album is to this day one of my favourite local releases and every time I’ve seen them live they’ve put on a fantastic show. Danny, Nick and Morgan picked out ten tracks they’ve been jamming a lot lately and wrote about what it is they like about each track. This playlist is below (and half of it is up on spotify here.)

Hospital Sports are playing a few shows around the country in support of their second album Take Care which is out today. They’re great live so if they’re playing near you make sure you head along:

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Week 12

Oh man it’s this time of the week again. A lot of this week’s playlist is brought to you by the glorious goddang weather this weekend because is there any time of year better suited to shimmery psych rock goodness? No, there isn’t. That was a rhetorical question, did you actually answer it? OH, that was another one. I bet you feel reaaaaal dumb right now, talking to a static page of text. As always, the playlist lives up over here on Spotify. I archive all the old weeks too so check em out if yo missed em. Or don’t, it’s a busy time of year time is a valuable commodity gotta spend that shit wisely

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