Week 59

Yo yo yo, I’ve got the seeds of a cold & I’m mad about it but here are some good tunes you should listen to:

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Week 21

Holy shit it’s hot right now. I’m going to melt but before I’m gone completely I’m going to write about this playlist which is as always up on Spotify HERE.

ICYMI I wrote about Laneway 2017 over here, there’s only one line about food so if you want to read about the actual music at the fest this’ll be right up your alley. I’m gonna go putĀ ProcessĀ on again and try not to burn to death

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Laneway 2017

Hanging at the forefront of my brain for most of this year’s Laneway was a single thought, it was there in the first five minutes after entering, it was there as I wandered between sets, it was there on my way out.

Why hasn’t Laneway ALWAYS been in Albert Park?

Because holy shit, that was the perfect venue for a festival like Laneway. Shade everywhere, stages rising in front of a picturesque backdrop of trees and cityscape, SPACE oh man so much s p a c e. My only complaint is that Princes street was too crowded and seemed like it could’ve been solved by spreading things out a little bit more but that’s a tiny thing that was pretty easily avoidable. Besides there was the stunning beer garden / always pretty empty portaloos / food vendors up the other end of the park anyway so it wasn’t like you HAD to go down Princes all that much

It was a beautiful day in a beautiful setting with a tonne of beautiful music. I didn’t see everything I had planned on seeing but everything I did see was fantastic. I’m not going to write about everything I saw, but I’ve picked some highlights and surprises and written about them through here: Continue reading “Laneway 2017”