Week 53

Yooooo here is the last of my ~holiday~ posts, I got back yesterday so these are still a bunch of songs I was listening to over there as well as some new ones I’ve managed to listen to when I’ve been awake since getting back

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First Impression: Open Mike Eagle’s Brick Body Kids Still Daydream

I’m drinking in an airport in Japan about to go home & listening to the latest album from Open Mike Eagle & here’s what I thought about it this very first spin Continue reading “First Impression: Open Mike Eagle’s Brick Body Kids Still Daydream”

Week 20

Yoooo. What a week. Five sick gigs, one mild hangover, hella good sun times and one sleep til Laneway. S U M M E R.

Go throw Being. a like on Facethang, they opened at three of the gigs I went to this week and they were fantastic every time. The only reason they’re not on this playlist is cause they don’t have any songs online yet but keep an eye out for them.

Playlist is up over here and words are down there. How Get aren’t on Spotify so make sure you head to their bandcamp to give them a listen. Til next time

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