Week 41

Ayyyyy. I hope y’all enjoy all these songs as much as I am rn writing this thing. Listen on SPOTIFY & read on down thurr ʇ Continue reading “Week 41”


Year in vinyl part I

This is the closest thing to an AOTY list I’ll be doing. This year I limited myself to two records a month, with a bonus when I reached three months of doing this shit. This right here is the first of five write ups I’m doing on the physical records I’ve bought this year, with the remaining four coming every other day over the next week(ish) or whenever I feel like it I’m an adult I got things to do fucking whatever. Listen along on Spootify Continue reading “Year in vinyl part I”

Week 14

YO. This is late and you can blame Rogue One (and not me) for that. I’ve talked before about my aversion to doing a year-end list of any kind but I’ve figured out something I can do instead so keep an eye out for that this week. This is probably the last proper weekly list of the year but I’m thinking about what I’ll be doing with those and will probs have that sorted this week

Playlist is as always up HERE. ICYMI I finally got to see Angel Olsen live and wrote about it over HERE

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