Week 33

If you had asked me last week what would’ve ended up on this week’s playlist I would’ve sworn that it’d have a bunch of Gorillaz but I spent all the time I was going to listen to Humanz watching Freaks and Geeks instead. Maybe next time around. ANYWAY, here are 10 tunes I did hear this week that I liked.


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Week 10

Whaaaaaaat up. Week 10. It’s late and this one is probably gonna be brief*. Do yourself a favour and head to the movies to watch Arrival for sure, and if you’ve seen that already then Nocturnal Animals is pretty good too. But priority should definitely go to Arrival

As always, the playlist is up on Spotify over hurr. All the other weeks are over heeeeere

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Week 09

What uuuuuuup. Lots of dope music dropped this week which kinda helped with all the straight up shitty things that happened. In addition to the playlist, I’m gonna go ahead and recommend Foxing’s excellent cover of Dido’s White Flag, which is up on Bandcamp as a pay what you want purchase. All sales go toward either recovering from their latest van accident, Planned Parenthood or the ACLU so if you dig it flick em a couple dollars

As always the playlist is on Spotify HERE. The past eight weeks of playlists are up over HERE.

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