Week 65

Hi! Here are some tunes I think are good & worth yr time.

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First Impression: Crack-Up by Fleet Foxes

I’m not doing an end of year list so I’m using this month to catch up on some of the albums I meant to check out earlier but for whatever reason looked over. Here are the thoughts I had while listening to Crack-Up, the third album from Fleet Foxes for the first time

You can find Crack-Up probably everywhere? It’s not on bandcamp but it’s for sure streaming & out on vinyl / CD / wherever else people buy mp3s (do people even buy mp3s from anywhere but bandcamp anymore? That’s something I should probably know!) Continue reading “First Impression: Crack-Up by Fleet Foxes”

First Impression: Material Control by Glassjaw

Listened to Material Control, the first new album from Glassjaw in way too long & wrote down my first impressions while I listened. Not really a review just a stream of consciousness reaction to the music 

You can stream Material Control as soon as it hits Friday the 1st of December in yr time zone or grab it from the band over here

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